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I can never get enough of this place. I need of those fried oysters and those fried clams along with that clam chowder every time I drive past.
Ronald J Wells via - Oct 13, 2020
Amazing lunch! Awesome selection for seafood lovers and those that are not so inclined as well. Unfortunately closing for the season on Columbus day 😞. Look forward to going again in the spring! Covid precautions were all followed and distancing was easy.
Mya Cyr via - Oct 12, 2020
PJs has the best fish and chips on the lower cape. Tons of food for a little expense. Daily burger specials are always hard to turn down. Never had a bad experience at PJs, it is a staple for my wife and I. 10/10 would recommend.
Patrick Walsh via - Oct 11, 2020
Their food is amazing!!!! Especially their southwest egg rolls. I feel like driving 6 hr there just to get some right now!!!
Christine Pallman via - Oct 10, 2020
We mostly cooked dinner in our motel this trip due to COVID concerns but wanted to eat out our last night. We couldn’t have picked a better place. They seemed to have very good protocols in place. Outside of that, the food was great. mussels, steamers fries and a salad. The fries were fresh and very good. The mussels and ste ... read more
georgeandgracie46 via - Oct 6, 2020
Really outstanding fish and chicken sandwiches!
Jay V. via - Oct 2, 2020
I sent my friends to this place with my highest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. This recommendation is always successful. The the food there is great and the crew is efficient and cooperative. always when we go to this place we have a lovely time. I warmly recommend this restaurant.
Peter Green via - Sep 22, 2020
Great clam chowder and soft serve was a realTreat
Great clam chowder and soft serve was a real Treat ... read more
Mary Ann Laubacher via - Sep 21, 2020
Excellent excellent. Very clean and friendly. The food is great....
Patricia Raupp via - Sep 21, 2020
Best clam chowder ever!!
Kim Senio via - Sep 18, 2020
Fantastic food, service, wait staff and prices. I would go there again and highly recommend it to anyone looking for great take out.
Hal via - Sep 16, 2020
Excellent food, good prices, and fast service. What more could you want? Every time I visit the cap
Excellent food, good prices, and fast service. What more could you want? Every time I visit the cape, I stop here at least once.
Jason Bell via - Sep 13, 2020
Loved the Lobster Chowder!
Cindy Mcnamara via - Sep 12, 2020
Menu is huge!  Something for everyone! ...
Menu is huge!  Something for everyone!  Can be crowded, just saying how good it is.  Quality quick food.  Staff friendly and helpful!
cheryl s. via - Sep 12, 2020
Great food. Generous portions!
Zaccia C via - Sep 11, 2020
Classic beach food, beautifully done!
I had the lobster roll and clam chowder. Each was perfect! The lobster roll was overstuffed with beautifully cooked lobster meat, very little mayo, delicious! Even the roll was delicious, lightly toasted, with just enough butter that I knew it was there. The chowder was...More ... read more
William H via - Sep 11, 2020
I got the daily special, fried chicken teriyaki sandwich. It was pretty good however the others I went to PJ's with got the black bean burger and buffalo chicken tenders and they noted very sub par food. The buffalo tenders are less fresh (maybe frozen chicken) than they used to be.
Martin Caruso via - Sep 10, 2020
First i have too say staff super friendly, we showed up near closing hrs and was treated like it was the middle of the day. They went above and beyond, felt like we were family. Now the food A++++++, i love the slaw that came with it. Could eat 4 portions but i would've been full, the tuna steak unreal. Would definitely be back, d ... read more
Aaron Shepherd via - Sep 10, 2020
We love P.J.’s!
During our week at the cape we are at PJ’s twice. The sesame soy tuna salad is excellent. The fish tacos are also amazing. Once we are in the dining area. They are on top of cleaning and social distancing. The second time we did...More ... read more
OnTheHill33 via - Sep 10, 2020
The best fried clams I’ve had in years !!
Claire LeBlanc via - Sep 8, 2020
Too pricey for the quality of the food. Clam chowder is the watery kind. Lady working podium in outdoor seating stared at us while we ate, made me feel uncomfortable.
Sam Sweet via - Sep 7, 2020
Clams were terrific! Ice cream too ... read more
Daniel Costanza via - Sep 7, 2020
Ice cream was apopo good.
Bozena Kopanski via - Sep 5, 2020
Great clam shack!
Excellent fried seafood! The best, good portions and prices. The staff is great. The last visit we called ahead to order and were disconnected just after stating what we wanted. We were about to give a credit card when the call dropped. We arrived to...More ... read more
DRaymond via - Sep 5, 2020
We are traveling during COVID summer ...
We are traveling during COVID summer and felt safe and comfortable ordering from PJ's. Fast and organized service. Their lobster roll is amazing! We'll definitely come back.
Futaba H. via - Sep 5, 2020
We ordered the chipotle black bean ...
We ordered the chipotle black bean burger, the fish tacos and the s'mores ice cream. The black bean burger was a disappointment, but the fish tacos were pretty good.

The ice cream was definitely the highlight! Would recommend getting a scoop there. The service at the both the food and ice cream counter was quick and friendly.
Sarah E. via - Sep 5, 2020
Best ice cream and yummy seafood and burgers and dogs on the cape!
Best ice cream and yummy seafood and burgers and dogs on the cape!
Michele McDonald Caccavaro via - Sep 5, 2020
We ate there twice on a recent vacation. COVID-19 precautions were very good, including contact tr
We ate there twice on a recent vacation. COVID-19 precautions were very good, including contact tracing and socially distanced, well-ventilated patio seating. Food is very fresh and delicious, prices are reasonable and staff is very nice. Also, my husband had the Cherry Blossom ice cream and said it was very good.
Paula Zolli Kirk via - Sep 3, 2020
On our way to the beach, we stopped ...
On our way to the beach, we stopped here for lunch.
PJ 's has a very nice patio that is very well maintained And well sanitized. We ordered the swordfish tacos, cod fish tacos, and grilled swordfish sandwich with steamed vegetables, fries , corn on the cob that was ready very quickly. The quality of the food was excellent.
... read more
Sophie R. via - Aug 31, 2020
We only stopped here for a quick ...
We only stopped here for a quick bite, but it was our favorite lobster roll on our Cape Cod trip (really good lobster and a great bun), and we really liked the fries as well. Definitely would come back here to try more on our next trip.
Shawn H. via - Aug 27, 2020
Second time back
Came here 3 years ago for lunch. Things have changed due to Covid - different lines for different orders: one for ice cream only, one for ordering to go, one for phone pick-up, and one for patio dining. Dogs are no longer allowed in the...More ... read more
Dragonguy888 via - Aug 27, 2020
Consistently a great meal every visit!
Matthew Coon via - Aug 26, 2020
Good food, good fries and good for if you only have a little time ... read more
Elia Greenberg via - Aug 21, 2020
Shrimp plate was great to share. Shrimp fresh and breaded and fried very well. Fries passed kid approval.
E Ahlin via - Aug 18, 2020
This food was bananas! We always ...
This food was bananas! We always trust yelp to bring us to good food and this did not disappoint. The seafood was so fresh and perfectly done. Very busy but also very organized. The three times we went here we ordered and brought back to our hotel room (20minutes away)  and food was still hot and delicious!
Dana B. via - Aug 17, 2020
Lobster roll was okay. Not a bad ...
Lobster roll was okay. Not a bad price, could've had a bit more meat. Onion rings were good but super greasy. Also ordered the chicken sandwich which was okay ... read more
Krissy S. via - Aug 17, 2020
We usually eat here at least two ...
We usually eat here at least two times every year we come. All pre-Covid. Tonight was so reliable, consistent and delicious. I had the red curry Cod which was recommended by a friend. The meal was amazing. The rice and vegetables were perfect. My daughter had the Salmon and the guys just wanted burgers. Once again a win -win meal. We ... read more
Jean C. via - Aug 17, 2020
We had a lobster roll, seared tuna with salad and stuffed clam, everything was very tasty, but the stuffed clam was outstanding!
Jonathan Cohen via - Aug 16, 2020
Best lobster 🦞 roll on the Cape. Delicious fried clams and oysters too. And great service - such a nice team that helped take our large family's order!
Lee Dunn via - Aug 13, 2020
Passing through on Cape Cod visit. Lobster Roll was so fresh and delicious like it was the catch of the day!! I will definitely stop by when I visit again!!
Yvette V via - Aug 12, 2020
Ordered 3 blizzards. At a little over 7 bucks a piece, thought that was a bit pricey. But they were big cups and the ice cream was yummy!!!
Drake Brout via - Aug 11, 2020
Muscles were wayyy better than expected. 1lb. muscles served freshly steamed with a side of butter. Each muscle dipped in butter was like eating lobster tail. DE-LICIOUS!!! I’d give it a 10/10. Especially for the price.
Sophia P via - Aug 11, 2020
Delicious delicious food.  We love ...
Delicious delicious food.  We love their lobster rolls, tuna wasabi sandwich, and their dinner chicken.

Minor points off for their corn not always being on point.

Also we hit this place up for Frappes every trip.
Charles B. via - Aug 11, 2020
A favorite when on the Outer Cape. Everything is so good, especially the fish tacos!
Stephen Klimack via - Aug 10, 2020
Best lobster roll, great service, no line. Loved it all.
Lee Dunn via - Aug 10, 2020
Do you really want to make America great again? Then place a PJ'S every 25 miles along these high ways! Fast service, great food, right price very much recommended!
Alex Faiv via - Aug 10, 2020
Delicious salad!
Had a delicious seared tuna salad on crisp greens, with delicious peppers and soy vinaigrette! Friendly, fast service. Soft serve ice cream didn’t have much flavor, but the sprinkles were plentiful!
Jennifer H via - Aug 9, 2020
Tuna sashimi was fantastic ... read more
Dave B via - Aug 8, 2020
Food is excellent ... read more
Naomi via - Aug 8, 2020
The food is great! Ordered wings, salmon sandwich, fish and chips, chowder and more. It was all very satisfying. This place stands out when it comes to Covid 19 response and organization.
Paul Muscara via - Aug 8, 2020
I have been going to PJ's since ...
I have been going to PJ's since I was a child and have always had a good experience and great food. I live on Cape Cod year round and they are seasonal, so it is one of the businesses reopening in the spring that I look forward to. During the COVID 19 pandemic, I have been very hesitant to eat in a restaurant, so up until today (five ... read more
Lauren C. via - Aug 8, 2020
I have been going to PJ’s
I have been going to PJ’s since I was a child and have always had a good experience and great food. I live on Cape Cod year round and they are seasonal, so it is one of the businesses reopening in the spring that I...More ... read more
SunTraveller510 via - Aug 8, 2020
Great ice cream flavors!
Jeff Smith via - Aug 7, 2020
Great fried food, and very fast takeout service for a 9 person party ... read more
Robert Augelli via - Aug 7, 2020
service ok, food and prices good ... read more
John B via - Aug 6, 2020
Great food ... read more
Moe Ouellette via - Aug 5, 2020
Good dinner
Went to PJ’s tonight for dinner. We got clams, a lobster roll meal, and fish tacos. Very fresh. It was great but I thought it was pricey, $75.
Liz477775 via - Jul 31, 2020
Probably one of the best places ...
Probably one of the best places to stop at on Cape Cod. I have been coming here for years and years now.  A Wellfleet staple.  Chef Duff Goldman from Food Network and Charm City Cakes mentioned on "Best Thing I Ever Ate" that the lobster roll is #1.  I got one today and have to agree. Delicious !!
Rick S. via - Jul 31, 2020
Ordering by phone for pickup was fast and easy, order was ready quickly.
douglas roberts via - Jul 30, 2020
Good lunch spot
We had phone in our order for lunch but didn't know that wasn't the way to do it if we wanted to eat on the deck. The staff was very nice and let us sit and eat any way. We tried a lobster roll, tuna...More ... read more
stevelotte via - Jul 30, 2020
Really good food.
Really good food. The fish and chips were delicious and the whole belly clams were to die for. The ice cream was pretty good.
andrewgG2611SB via - Jul 29, 2020
Loved the lobster roll. Fast friendly ...
Loved the lobster roll. Fast friendly service. Highly recommended.
Jay A. via - Jul 28, 2020
Perfect for an easy dinner after a beach day.
After a long and tiring day at the beach, PJ's was exactly what we needed. We ordered to go, and it was packaged and waiting for us 5 minutes early from our scheduled time. The salmon and cod were amazing. my daughter loved the chicken...More ... read more
Mike F via - Jul 27, 2020
Great food. Nice people.
Dave B via - Jul 26, 2020
The food was delicious and the ...
The food was delicious and the staff was very friendly. Their process for ordering and picking up food was smooth!
Tricia F. via - Jul 25, 2020
Cape cod 2020
Great experience. Called in order ahead of time and picked up at window. Safe during pandemic. Food was wonderful. Wide selection of food choices.
W3377MPcindya via - Jul 25, 2020
Great place to eat ... read more
Jim Contenta via - Jul 24, 2020
Great take out, but I was very ...
Great take out, but I was very disappointed that a customer after me, who was not wearing a mask, was allowed to order. The person taking the order asked him to put on a mask and he said he didn't own one and was still allowed to order. There were close to 60 people there and all but one were wearing masks.  The customer then stood p ... read more
Joe B. via - Jul 24, 2020
Lots Of Food At A Decent Price
You know that commercial with the guy's sister who opens up a restaurant serving comically tiny portions of food? That restaurant is not PJ's. PJ's has the biggest portions of fish and chips I've seen just about anywhere. Service was friendly but slow. There are...More ... read more
JYarba via - Jul 24, 2020
Stopped on our way to Provincetown in July 2020, during the MA phase 3 reopening. Not only does this place offer the BEST lobster roll I’ve ever had, it was so stuffed with lobster that chunks were falling out! The fries were incredibly fresh too. I haven’t looked into it, but I suspect they are made in-house. Additionally, it is imm ... read more
Yesenia Gautsch via - Jul 22, 2020
fresh and delicious, i had the fish taco which was amazing. i also had the onion rings, ate all of
fresh and delicious, i had the fish taco which was amazing. i also had the onion rings, ate all of them which i now regret, but they were good also.
Cidney Schultz via - Jul 22, 2020
Love the lobster roll here. I hate that it is so expensive but it is always worth it!
David Pennick via - Jul 16, 2020
Always very good food and service. Like I remember.
Robert Perry via - Jul 13, 2020
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