Over-priced tourist trap. But food is usually good (not great but good) and consistent. Disappointed that i was charged extra for dipping sauce with my chicken wings (comes with bleu cheese but if you want to swap it for ranch they charge $.39!) I suggest getting a lobster roll somewhere else (Maurices Market $8.99) as $20 is just to ... read more
Katherine Ziemba via - Apr 21, 2017
Must stop!
PJ's has delicious fried seafood at reasonable prices. It's perfect for families. The ice cream is beyond compare and the staff is lovely.
Amy D via - Apr 20, 2017
Fantastic seafood! and food for others too.
We arrived at 8:20 (closes at 8:30). Counter staff cheerfully took our order and quickly we were on our way with Fish Tacos (grilled swordfish) and mac-n-cheese. We were both happy with our meals. Fish Tacos are awesome, so fresh!
bella20111 via - Apr 19, 2017
Very large portions
We travelled from Provincetown to have some whole clams for lunch. They were served with coleslaw (average) and loads of fries and a bread roll which seemed freshly baked but superfluous. For me it was rather off putting as there was just too much food on the plate. The clams were good but it was sad to leave so much food behind to b ... read more
Canberra_Traveller via - Apr 17, 2017
Awesome for families!
Chicken tenders and the fish and chips were so good! Beautiful outdoor eating space. Dog friendly. Very clean. Nice people. Tons of free parking. Stop and eat! Ice cream and Italian ice so yummy.
travelsforworkBoston via - Apr 16, 2017
Get the Fish Tacos NOT the Lobster Roll
I'm probably going to get flamed for this but get the grilled swordfish tacos (excellent) and not the lobster roll (distinctly average)! Walk up service is efficient and eating in the porch area to the right make the lunch/dinner stop very efficient and easy. Would probably call again fro the tacos if passing ... read more
chris l via - Apr 16, 2017
Nice portions, fast cafeteria style ...
Nice portions, fast cafeteria style "wait for your number to be called" with lots of indoor or outdoor seating.  Very nice stop for family with ice cream for dessert.
Jon S. via - Apr 15, 2017
Fantastic Food
Walk up to the window or sit down inside, PJ's has not only the best lobster rolls but also the best burgers on the Cape. Fried clams, onion rings, chowdah's or ice cream, you will not be disappointed.
John T via - Feb 6, 2017
Food is good pricey ... read more
Steven Bleecker via - Dec 29, 2016
Great lobster rolls.
Sandy S via - Nov 10, 2016
Great summer time eats.
william hero via - Oct 31, 2016
Great seafood ... read more
Anton Yakushin via - Oct 24, 2016
Best chowder ever!!! Not that thick ...
Best chowder ever!!! Not that thick flour drenched porridge you often get. Great clam taste without getting you bloated.
Francis V. via - Oct 16, 2016
Super fresh and tasty fish tacos ...
Super fresh and tasty fish tacos at Oysterfest. We are fans.
Ann P. via - Oct 16, 2016
Great seafood and good for takeaway
It's a drive up/walk up window that you order from. You can sit in but some of the fun is the walk up. We ordered everything from broiled scallops, fish tacos, hotdogs, tuna sashimi and full rack of ribs. Everything was done really well. The girls at the window were friendly and helpful. We went 2 nights in a row.
kdogmclean via - Oct 15, 2016
It's one of our regular lunch stops on the cape. We make sure to stop on the way in, and before lea
It's one of our regular lunch stops on the cape. We make sure to stop on the way in, and before leaving. Great burgers, fries and franks.
Dan Scherer via - Oct 11, 2016
Good food
We stopped here for lunch. They have both indoor and outdoor seating or take out. I had a salad which was just average. My husband had a fried seafood platter and lobster bisque. He said his meal was excellent. This is an easy place to stop when traveling route 6.
april6335 via - Oct 4, 2016
Great food
PJ's has great meaty lobster rolls, creamy clam's certainly a must when in Wellfleet, MA ... read more
mimi2012tx via - Oct 4, 2016
We drive from Methuen, MA to get THE best lobster chowder!
We drive from Methuen, MA to get THE best lobster chowder!
Amanda Brown via - Oct 2, 2016
We missed PJ's on our last trip ...
We missed PJ's on our last trip to the Cape.  We arrived the day they closed for the season so we had some making up to do. We had clam chowder, fried whole belly clams, steamers, onion rings and french fries and a grilled chicken breast for the dog. Oh and soft serve black raspberry ice cream for dessert. Sat in the enclosed porch w ... read more
K P. via - Sep 30, 2016
Sea Air and Portuguese Kale Soup
This is one of the best places to get the delicious and famous Portuguese Kale Soup. But don't stop there, P.J.'s offers a menu replete with seafood favorites that will cause your stomach to thank you every time.
Two-Baby-Boomers via - Sep 25, 2016
Best damn Oysters
If you want a view of the marsh or any body of water this is not your place. If you don't like standing in line not your place. If you want a romantic seafood dinner not your place. But if you want the best freshest Oysters on planet earth.....THIS IS YOUR PLACE. The line moves quick.....but not quick enough for some.
Brian D via - Sep 21, 2016
Best clams on the Cape
Mark Bittman who does a NY Times cooking review said they had the best clams on the Cape. He was right but they also had great rare tuna tacos and baked chicken. We called ahead and our takeout order was ready in 15 minutes. They do have indoor seating also.
fishingchic via - Sep 20, 2016
Good every single time
best lobster roll in the world!!!!!! A summer favorite and a consistently good meal. Not cheap for fish shack food, but worth every penny- so fresh, so tasty.
Jennifer M via - Sep 20, 2016
Great food. Fried scallops.
Keegan Staker via - Sep 19, 2016
Wonderful Seafood and .more located right on Route 6
We stopped here for lunch before heading to the beach after driving for the day from Boston . Our hearts sank when we were told there were no fried clams as the morning delivery had not arrived. It took us so long to decide what we wanted instead and just as we were about to place our order the clams arrived. So we knew the cla.s wld ... read more
Voyager2480 via - Sep 14, 2016
Food is delicious! Best fried scallops around!! The service is quick and everyone is always friendl
Food is delicious! Best fried scallops around!! The service is quick and everyone is always friendly. Best fast food around !!��
Diana C. Tobias via - Sep 13, 2016
great onion rings
the seafood is good the onion rings outstanding. I was a little disappointed the lobster roll came with mayo vs the drawn butter I was hoping for. I should have read the menu more thoroughly. The whole bellies were good as were the fries. A good family friendly place.
Irishbyhalf via - Sep 12, 2016
I grew up down Cape in North Truro in the summers. I always stopped in there after surfing all day.
I grew up down Cape in North Truro in the summers. I always stopped in there after surfing all day. Fixed their speaker system one day. Always clean in there and friendly people. I been going there for fifty years.
Gary Forbes via - Sep 12, 2016
Rte. 6 FAV
Wonderful fresh fried seafood and great lobster roll. Large choice of soft serve. Staff were kids from all over the world.
Larry S via - Sep 11, 2016
Good food, good prices
Good variety of food, good prices, no frills restaurant. Love being able to get a restaurant quality meal at take out prices. Staff is efficient and friendly. Would recommend for a quick dinner spot.
Allison F via - Sep 7, 2016
Fish Taco
We've been eating at PJs couple of years, the food is good consistently. Our favorite meal is the Fish Taco made using Cod fish. We paid $11 for two tacos and 75 cents extra for avocado. The fish was appropriately portioned with crispy fish but a little too much topping for my taste, also flour tortilla was the only option, and it wa ... read more
AndyKam via - Sep 5, 2016
My favorite is the calm chowder and fried clam strips. ... read more
Scott Canoni via - Sep 3, 2016
Every few years I go to Cape Cod ...
Every few years I go to Cape Cod to visit family and our favorite place to go out to eat is PJ's!  The clam strips are always delicious, the lobster rolls are PACKED with lobster, the strawberry salad is amazing...I don't think I've had a bad experience here. We also stop for ice cream often and grab a dipped cone or sundae! We went ... read more
Ginny D. via - Aug 31, 2016
Ordered grilled swordfish tacos ...
Ordered grilled swordfish tacos and lobster roll. The tacos were epic. Just epic. The dining area was sparkling clean and the staff was friendly. Service was a tad slow, but that's fresh food for you. I'd definitely go back. 100%. Can't wait to try the rest of the menu!  Bonus points for offering more than deep fried everything.
Laura D. via - Aug 30, 2016
PJ's Rocks
Food is affordable and fresh - went three nights in a row! Has an extensive salad menu which didn't disappoint. Also great fish, fries - and the ice cream - yum!!
Regina F via - Aug 29, 2016
Everyone has their favorite lobster ...
Everyone has their favorite lobster roll, and ours is here. Always great with very little mayo added to the lobster and no fillers (i.e.., no celery or lettuce), served on a warm, buttered toasted bun. Yum!And there's plenty more, other than lobster. This year, the owners turned us on to their fried chicken wings--add a splash of Sri ... read more
Mark B. via - Aug 29, 2016
Went here for ice cream one night ...
Went here for ice cream one night last week, it's great! Four stars because I've had better and worse ice cream than this. Great for a quick fix. Lines weren't bad, and there were a few places to sit to eat your ice cream.
Bobby D. via - Aug 29, 2016
I'm not going to mess with the ...
I'm not going to mess with the stars of this restaurant, cause I only had the Dell's frozen lemonade.It was not good.Didn't taste like normal Dell's I've had in rhode island or even at Fenway park.  Tasted like slushed ice with sugar.  For $3.75 kinda rough.
Joe B. via - Aug 29, 2016
Food great, service not so much
My family stopped here for a bite to eat after spending the day at the beach. We tried the fish tacos, onion rings, and the Italian Baked Cod which was one of the many dinner specials. The cod special was huge and delicious!! After our meal we wanted to grab ice cream for dessert. We walked up to the counter and waited in the long li ... read more
grace89944 via - Aug 28, 2016
Seafood or burgers
Good casual place for seafood or burgers. They added a new section for seating since last summer. I recommend the broiled scallops. Also, the lobster chowder is really tasty.
SuzArnold2016 via - Aug 28, 2016
Stayed on the Cape for two nights ...
Stayed on the Cape for two nights and had both dinners here. Exceptional food, good portion size, friendly waitstaff, comfortable. It's the Cape so it was a little loud at times and maybe the booth was a self-clean deal, but for the quality and taste and low prices, this place is unbeatable. Highly recommended.
Alan T. via - Aug 28, 2016
We stopped by on a busy Saturday ...
We stopped by on a busy Saturday afternoon.  The lobster roll was excellent, light and bun is perfectly grilled.  The fried cod is fine, similar to many other cape sea shacks.  But this place really distinguished itself by  the grilled  tuna fish taco -- grilled to perfection, excellent chipotle sauce.
C L. via - Aug 27, 2016
I like to pretend I am a connoisseur ...
I like to pretend I am a connoisseur of clam chowder whenever I am at the Cape.  I have ordered it in every restaurant I've been to & in my opinion none matches P. J.'s.  I am not fond of creamy, thick chowder.  I like mine milky & that's what P.J.'s is.  It's filled with clams& is the best I've ever had.
Leslie L. via - Aug 27, 2016
Casual and delicious.
Fish tacos with your choice of tuna, swordfish, or salmon. Fresh and one of the best, especially the tuna cooked with can seasoning. Two to an order are more than enough.
rosieml via - Aug 26, 2016
Great for your fried food fill
Great stop on Route 6! It's got a lot of the classic seafood/fried seafood options and more. Excellent fish sandwiches and tacos. Good for the family and anyone!!
Samantha L via - Aug 26, 2016
The best "seafood and more" restaurant on the Cape!
Each year when we visit the Cape we eat at P.J.'s at least five or more times during the week. Sometimes for lunch, but more often for dinner. The seafood is excellent, the salads are great, and the soups are unbelievable! The price is fair and the service is excellent. We like going to the counter inside, then we bring the food to t ... read more
CB1HC via - Aug 25, 2016
A family standard for many years ... read more
Joseph Sziabowski via - Aug 25, 2016
Stopped off on the way from cape ...
Stopped off on the way from cape, after finding via Was expecting typical overpriced roadside seafood stand, but this place was more. Two dining rooms, one "outside" where fido is allowed, and one indoors. A menu with a wide selection, and not just fried food and hot dogs! We had the shrimp roll, crabcakes, tuna sashim ... read more
Andi P. via - Aug 24, 2016
Soul food to stay (or to go)
Advised by our Boston cousins we have taken tha chance of eating in this funny place on the highway between Wellfleet and Truro. Great NE clam chowder, fried clams, lobster rolls and fries for 4 people at about 75$. Onion rings were finished (big disappointment) ... read more
LuigiC8 via - Aug 23, 2016
Staples for any visit
Similar to white crest beach, PJs is a must do on every trip we make to the Cape for 35+ years. I can not recall a summer not enjoying the food and ice cream. Love the recent updates.
TIMLM via - Aug 22, 2016
Always good for a quick lunch
The best chowder on the cape and don't forget the lobster rolls.Just down the road from the ponds for a quick bite.
maggievisitor via - Aug 22, 2016
A Wellfleet institution
The best clam chowder on the lower cape. By a wide margin. That's why there is almost always a line at the walk-up window ... read more
Joel_Anderson112 via - Aug 22, 2016
We got take out for our family meal. Very good seafood
They have a good variety of seafood on their menu. Our family take out meal made everyone happy, especially the people who ordered clams and lobster rolls.
Fisherman100 via - Aug 22, 2016
Great Casual Dining
Everything is fresh! My favorite is the cold lobster roll which is served on a split bun with just the right amount of mayo. My husband loves their fried whole belly clams-the coating is crispy and light ... read more
BranfordCamgo via - Aug 22, 2016
Best whole belly clams in Wellfleet ...
Best whole belly clams in Wellfleet and possibly the entire Cape! Consistently great seafood year after year! Can't go wrong with a trip to PJ's!
Sam S. via - Aug 20, 2016
Amazing local food spot. Reasonably priced quality food, with staff that couldn't be better. Inside can get loud when crowded, but as of 2016, their new outdoor seating is wonderful. Wide range of food, good portions, and fantastic flavors. Burgers are a staple, and some of the best kale soup around.
Spencer Turnbull via - Aug 20, 2016
Surprisingly varied menu and very good food
They've upgraded their (no longer) outdoor seating at this old standby. The food is often quite good and the menu has enough to keep everyone happy.
Fleetian16 via - Aug 19, 2016
Best Lobster Roll on the cape
Best Lobster Roll on the cape. Get the jumbo, it's worth it. Shrimp and corn chowder is delicious. Sat in the newly enclosed patio...I miss the view of the cemetery.
Daniel O via - Aug 19, 2016
A nice alternative for those who are tired of seafood, seafood, seafood on the Cape
First off, we usually eat at Moby Dick's or Arnolds when on the Cape so this was the first time we tried PJ's. The food was very good, light clam chowder and a great lobster roll. We liked the fact that there was great variety on the menu for those who are tired of fried seafood. The salads were inventive and delicious. One of us got ... read more
Momto2_12 via - Aug 18, 2016
Should've gotten the lobster roll
Last time we were here, I got the lobster roll, which is one of the best I've ever had. This time around, I opted for the fried calamari. While the calamari itself was tender and cooked perfectly, the breading was just a little too thick. It was also unseasoned. If they go with a thinner batter and put a touch of old bay in there, th ... read more
Lynda B via - Aug 17, 2016
Great beach food restaurant with ...
Great beach food restaurant with out door seating. The crab cakes were excellent. They also make a great frappe!
Susan G. via - Aug 17, 2016
Good, reliable, fast - but wish they didn't use so much styrofoam
We eat at PJ's every year and the quality is consistently good, service (counter order and pick-up) is very efficient, and the cost is reasonable. My only complaint is that even though other similar restaurants have eliminated styrofoam, PJ's still uses this environmentally damaging material.
CrunchyJax via - Aug 15, 2016
I REALLY liked the beet salad of all things. The woman who took our order at the window was also very helpful. Fish tacos were surprisingly disappointing--really bad tortillas. Would go back but would definitely avoid the fish tacos.
Jeff Larson via - Aug 15, 2016
Stream Lobster Roll Sandwich
We had a huge lunch there with friends. Great fries, huge lobster sandwich and good burgers. Fast service, good price, fantastic taste.
Pat G via - Aug 12, 2016
Food is good
On route#6 easy to find. Food is good, not expensive. I recommend the fried clams and the ice creams, so good. Very busy for dinner, be patients to find a table especially if you are 6 people. Anyway I will come back at my next visit to Wellfleet.
Avithecat via - Aug 12, 2016
Great place for fried clams
We chose PJ's because of a review in the Boston Globe. I'm not sure if it's the best place on Route 6 for Fried Clams, but it does seem to have shorter lines than some of the others in Eastham and lower Wellfleet, and certainly shorter than Moby Dick's. Our clams were fine -- a nice large portion that was more than two could eat. We ... read more
Walter C via - Aug 12, 2016
Best lobster roll on the cape ... read more
Ben T via - Aug 12, 2016
Awesome Lobster Rolls
Perfect lunch stop for a delicious lobster roll and smoothie. Nice grilled bread with generous portion of lobster. (Old Bay not included - we brought our own). Window carryout or casual dine-in. Conveniently located on the main road.
Jean V via - Aug 11, 2016
Yes. Every town on the Cape has ...
Yes. Every town on the Cape has several places like PJ's and everyone loves their local spot. I haven't tried them all. All I know is that I could eat PJ's  clam chowder every day and I've never had anything as good  anywhere else. The liquid is thick with the taste of clams. It's full of clams. Wonderful. Same for the fishwich. Abso ... read more
Jerry L. via - Aug 11, 2016
Been going there all my life, now three decades strong. Chowder is of course fantastic, in several varieties. There are always pleasant foreign workers.
Brian McLaughlin via - Aug 11, 2016
Aug 9, 2016: This place was excellent! We stayed in Wellfleet for a few days and tried this late evening one night. We shared a lb of steamers and they gave some juice and butter for dipping. We LOVE steamers, they are a little Sandy if you're unaware.. We also had the crab cakes and they came with an EXCELLENT aioli. Crab cakes were ... read more
thanks ace via - Aug 10, 2016
Ordered 2 cod fish specials (herb ...
Ordered 2 cod fish specials (herb crusted cod w/baked potato and veg) and 1 grilled shrimp taco. The cod was very fresh, tasted excellent but a little too salty for out liking. The shrimp tacos were good and flavorful. Had a nice sauce on them but the corn tortilla was bone dry and inedible. Ended up forking the contents out of the c ... read more
Marco E. via - Aug 9, 2016
Our favorite go to for fast, fresh, seafood!
The Fish Tacos are a staple for us all week long! Yummy Lobster Roll on buttered toasted rolls! and the fries are delicious! Love eating out side in their open air seating (roof and fans) Great for take out too!
ced2108 via - Aug 8, 2016
Longtime fav
We have been coming to PJ's for 30 years. You must have the kale soup! Fried oysters and clams are perfectly done. It is pricey. The lobster roll is very good and nobody makes a bigger soft serve ice cream cone.
ssbsings via - Aug 7, 2016
Wonderful fish and chips with your choice of flounder or cod and quality French fries. Rather pricey but it is the Cape. Quick and easy ordering and pickup and a nice shaded outside spot to eat.
MaiaB via - Aug 6, 2016
We were unsure at first but pleasantly surprised after tasting the flavors of the foods. Will defin
We were unsure at first but pleasantly surprised after tasting the flavors of the foods. Will definitely be going back again on your next trip down to Cape Cod.
Michelle Howard Woodman via - Aug 4, 2016
Classic Cape Cod
We stopped for pick up twice when we visited the cape last week. Everything was made fresh and was classic, simple and delicious. The lobster roll was great and I was even able to get it on a gluten free bun!
Courtney C via - Aug 3, 2016
An under-recognized gem
While most traveler's to the outer Cape will eat their fried seafood (oysters, clams, shrimp, scallops) the real treat here is their "specials" which feature local grilled fish often with a nod to Portuguese cuisine that is the real local flavor. While their clam chowder is superb, I prefer their Portuguese Kale Soup. The lobster rol ... read more
Joe Z via - Aug 2, 2016
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